6 Questions to Ask a Home Builder Before Hiring

Building your own home is a great way to create a living space that is just right, especially if you have wanted to build your own home for years or even decades. Before you begin searching for home builders that are right for you, there are a few questions to ask the builder before signing the contract to ensure you have made the right decision.


1. Do You Have All Licensing and Certification Necessary to Build My Home?

When you want to find a home builder that is right for your dream home, it is important to consider the licensing and certification necessary to complete your construction project. Construction workers and companies alike should be licensed to work in your state and hold any certifications necessary to complete the build before taking on a new project. Verifying the licensing of a contractor or contracting company is essential when making a major investment such as building your home.


2. Are You or Is Your Company Fully-Insured as Contractors?

Always verify that the contractor or home builder you hire is fully-insured and currently holds an active policy to their name. A contractor or home builder who is fully-insured protects you as a homeowner from any legal or financial liability due to an accident or incident on your property. When you choose to hire a home builder that is not licensed and insured, you run the risk of becoming financially and legally responsible if they are hurt while on the job, even if it is due to no fault of your own.


3. Are You Aware of the Zoning Laws Where You Build?

Zoning laws vary based on your current location along with the city and county you intend to build your new house in. Research the current zoning laws in your area and confirm that your home builder is aware of them prior to ordering supplies and beginning the construction of your new home. Your home builder should have a complete and thorough understanding of any additional permits that need to be pulled to legally move forward with the construction of your house.

Failure to follow the proper procedure of pulling construction permits or zoning law permits can lead to expensive replacements, updates, or demolitions. Ask for written proof and documents any time a home builder or contracting company claims to have pulled the proper permits to begin the build.


4. Do You Have a Portfolio of Previous House Designs You Have Completed?

Inquire about a portfolio from the home builder or construction company you intend to hire. Review the portfolio of individual builders you are thinking of working with to compare home designs, styles, and unique architecture used. Seek out a home builder that has experience with the home styles you are most interested in and the theme you plan to integrate into your home upon moving in.

Review some of the most popular types of home designs used in modern building projects, such as:

  • Modern McMansion
  • Contemporary Homes
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Victorian Style
  • Bungalow
  • Ranch Style Homes

Take your time when creating the first draft of your blueprint (even if you are working alongside a professional architect). Consider your space needs and various types of architecture you prefer both inside and outside of the home itself. The more familiar you become with your wants, needs, and architectural preferences, the easier it is to convey your desires to the home builder you hire.


5. Do You Have Design Experience?

Finding a home builder that delivers the full package is possible by seeking out assistance from professionals who also have design experience. Builders and construction workers who also have design experience are ideal to work with if you are not very creative or if you are unsure of how to expand the vision of your current blueprints. A home builder who has experience when it comes to innovative house designs and creative blueprints can assist with developing your own blueprint until it is perfect for you and your entire household.

Many professional builders and construction company owners are often willing to work with you on your individual home blueprint to create a solution that is personable and also affordable for the current budget you have set for the project.

Working one-on-one with your home builder is also a great way to communicate your wants and needs with each section of your intended build. Consider how well you communicate with your prospective home builder before choosing to hire them. Having the ability to communicate effectively and thoroughly with the home builder you choose is extremely important to ensure you are both on the right track throughout the build itself.


6. Do You Have a List of Referrals and Recommendations?

Ask prospective home builders for their list of client referrals, recommendations, and testimonials. Always follow-up when you are provided with telephone numbers to verify the authenticity of the review and recommendation before making your decision. Verifying authentic referrals is necessary when you are not familiar with the construction industry or if you have an extremely strict budget and simply need the job done properly the first time.

If the home builder or construction company you are interested in working with currently has an online presence, seek out customer reviews and testimonials. Reading online reviews from real customers and clients is a way to learn more about the work ethic if the builder along with the customer service and quality they provide on each job. Avoid only using the official website of the construction company or home builder as the site itself may include false or unverified reviews. Instead, use a third-party review system such as Facebook or Google Reviews. Knowing what questions to ask a builder is a way to gain peace of mind as you move forward with the construction of your new home. With the right builder who has your best interests in mind, design and constructs your dream home while turning your vision into a reality.

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