A Guide to Renovating a 1950s Weatherboard House

An outdated weatherboard house can be transformed from a knock-down property into a real estate dream home. Renovating a 1950s weatherboard house is cheaper and efficient compared to the brick and stone houses. You can save up to thousands of dollars and convert the worst house in the street into the most attractive home.

Weatherboard houses are the best option for the DIY renovators who want to include their unique style in the new house while saving on the tight budget. Repairing a weatherboard may require only a few kilograms of nails, but a stone house may need more than cement.

What is a Weatherboard House?

Weatherboard houses are lightweight houses made of timber walls. Its floors and windows are usually made of timber. Its external walls have weatherboard cladding, that is, a series of horizontal boards nailed on the walls with their edges overlapping to keep off rainwater.

Many weatherboard house designs have come up since their invention in the 1850s in Australia. Because timber is a high maintenance material, may other durable materials have increasingly been used its place. They include aluminium, fibre-cement, metal and even vinyl.

Here are some of the tips you can apply when renovating a 1950s weatherboard house:


1. Improve the Natural Light

Modern homes have brighter rooms because of sufficient natural light. What is weatherboard house in the 21st century without ample lighting? You have to invest in the windows to ensure that your rooms have plenty of light. A room such as a kitchen will look excellent with a skylight on the roof. You can install huge glass sliding doors instead of windows in the living room to make your home interesting and comfortable for occupation. The glass sliding doors also create a feeling of extra space within the home.

2. Paint the Rooms

This is an obvious yet crucial weatherboard house renovation tip that could not miss in this listicle. A 1950s weatherboard house can be transformed into an attractive bungalow by the power of paint. The white colour will do great in most rooms because it improves the natural lighting. Most designers would suggest the use of bright colours in all the rooms, but the decision is yours to make. The ceiling is usually painted white, but you can create a difference by installing a floral vinyl to make the house more beautiful.

3. Repair the Floor if It in a Bad Condition

If the floor of the weatherboard house is in a bad state, you have to reinstall a new hardwood flooring to make the house magnificent. Remember that the most 1950s weatherboard houses floors are built on stumps, so they are one of the most vital regions of the house. Install new flooring to make the rooms attractive.

Also, the bathroom floor should be sparkling. Turn the outdated bathrooms into modern and comforting rooms that will make you stay longer when taking a bath. Replace the old bathtub with a newer and bigger one. Improve on the natural lighting, install new sinks and shower heads. The bathroom has to be perfect.



4. Maximum Use of Space

When renovating a weatherboard house, you cannot afford to waste an inch of space. If you want to advise on how to divide your rooms, then you can consult an interior designer or an architect. If you feel like the laundry room is unnecessary, you can transform it into an extra bedroom for the kids or your guests. You can also add wardrobes whenever you notice that there is enough space. You have to put to use every square meter of the weatherboard house.

5. The Roofing Should be Changed

If the roofing tiles are not in good condition, then you can replace them with new ones. The house will look spectacular with new roofing when viewed from outside. You can also take this opportunity to create ample skylight for your rooms. The house will have enough natural light both during the day and night. Hire a roofing specialist to advise you on the best sky-lighting techniques to invest in your home.


What About the Cost to Renovate a Weatherboard House?

Weatherboard renovation is not as expensive as other homes such as those made of stones or bricks. You require only nails to fix the loose horizontal boards, unlike the stone houses that may need cement and other types of expensive materials.

The cost to renovate weatherboard house varies depending on the current state of the house as well the standard you want to raise it to. Here are the typical ranges of renovation costs for various rooms in a weatherboard house:

• Kitchen

The kitchen has to be the most expensive room to renovate since it is one of the most critical rooms in a house. It goes for about 20,000 – 30,000 Australian Dollars.

• Bathroom

The bathroom is another room that takes a huge dip into your budget. You need to spend at least 10,000 Australian Dollars to make an awesome bathroom from a 1950s weatherboard house.

• Painting the Exterior

As expected, it would cost more to paint the exterior walls. Get ready with at least 12,000 Australian Dollars if you want the weatherboard house to have an attractive and elegant appearance.

• Painting the Interior

For the interior rooms to be brighter and comfortable, you have to invest in quality painting. The good thing is that the cost of painting the interior is low compared to the exterior of the house. Make a budget of 8,000 Australian Dollars.

• Floating Floorboards

To repair the existing floorboards, you need at least 10,000 Australian Dollars. Your flooring has to be top quality for your house to have a magnificent appearance.

Weatherboard houses are a significant investment in the current property market. They are cheaper to renovate because of the materials that they are made of. Their appearance is completely transformed after renovation.

From the interior walls to the flooring and lighting, you will not believe that it was the same weatherboard house that you purchased once the home builders are through with the renovation process. If you are ready to modernise and renovate a 1950s home in Australia, contact Rokco Builds today.

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