House Raising

House Raise and Build Underneath

With an established reputation for house raising and build under, our team take the stress out of a job.

Queensland homes are perfect for raising. Our unique climate and architecture relative to the southern states mean that “Queenslanders” are cost-effective to raise and it’s a job that’s done regularly. As a result, we are well experienced in this type of project, and we only work with the best, safest and insured contractors in Brisbane.

We’ve adopted proven techniques to ensure that our house raising projects are delivered according to expectations. We enjoy nothing more than the results of working on an architecturally designed house-raising and renovation project. Raising houses, putting the “Old Girls” on new-legs and building under is core to our business capabilities.

So, whether you’re raising for more room for the growing family. Or wanting to get out of the way of overland flow or flood waters, we can assist you from start to finish. In doing so, you’ll capitalise on better drainage, improved foundations and an enviable street aspect.

Brisbane Design and Construct Builders

We’ll design your plans to maximise space under your house so that you can have the double lock up garage or that big media room that you’ve always wanted. We can create any space and any room that you need beneath your home by engineering the area accordingly. We can even move a house if need be. For example, you may not have enough room for a carport out the front. So, we can slide the home back to fit a six-metre by six-metre carport out the front.

If you’re weighing up your options between buying a new home or house raising to create the extra space that you need, remember nearly anything is achievable with a house-raising project. Since most houses that we raise are currently a three-bedroom configuration of some description, once completed, we often turn a 100m2 home into 350 m2 home or even bigger. This can be achieved on block-sizes and lot developments as small as 400m2.